value in action

Patient Centered

• Act with compassion and kindness.
• Listen actively and validate concerns; focus on the individual’s needs.
• Communicate effectively with patients, clients and families.
• Treat everyone with respect and courtesy; acknowledge cultural differences.
• Be empowered to advocate and speak up for patient and client safety.
• Partner with the people we care for, their families and care teams to develop a shared plan.


• Recognize all the people we care for, their family, visitors and co-workers as valued members of the healthcare team.
• Listen actively and respond thoughtfully.
• Treat others as you would want to be treated.
• Embrace diversity, acknowledging each person’s uniqueness.
• Be empathetic, compassionate and kind.
• Foster a professional and healing atmosphere.


• Demonstrate professionalism at all times, regardless of the behavior of others.
• Maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of all.
• Develop and maintain a culture of trust and accountability.
• Act with honesty and transparency at all levels of the organization.
• Model behavior that is consistently honest and ethical.
• Acknowledge mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.


• Consistently seek improvements in processes and performance.
• Set high standards.
• Strive to exceed expectations with every interaction.
• Lead by example.
• Work collaboratively as a team.
• Pursue opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.


• Follow up and follow through.
• Look beyond our individual roles to do what is necessary to get the job done successfully.
• Take responsibility for our actions and our collective outcomes.
• Approach challenges with optimism.
• Represent our organization in a positive light.
• Promote an accountable, fair and supportive environment.


• Welcome change with a positive attitude.
• Inspire others and foster creativity.
• Be courageous.
• Encourage diverse perspectives.
• Invest in people, technology and research.
• Commit to lifelong learning and educating.